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Companies continually review benefits programs to ensure employees are offered competitive benefits while managing costs. Employee benefits play an important role in the lives of employees and their families.

Benefits are offered for two primary reasons-recruiting and retaining employees. The best test of a successful benefits program is employee satisfaction. Employee benefits can be complex. We can help you develop and manage a competitive benefits package.

HR Solutions Partners can help you with:

  • Health and Welfare Plan Analysis and Selection
  • Benefits Processes and Procedures
  • Monthly Benefit Billing Reconciliation
  • Disability Insurance Processes and Procedures
  • Unemployment Insurance Processes and Procedures
  • Leave Administration
  • Vacation / Sick Time/PTO Programs
  • 401(K) and Retirement Plans
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Harrassment Prevention

HRSPI offers comprehensive, interactive, AB1825-Compliant training. Programs include introduction to recent anti-bullying legislation.

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